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Looking for an instant “6-Pack” or definition? Then abdominal etching is the solution for your. Abdominal and side defining procedures such as Vaser Hi-Def and RFAL Bodytite liposuction allow our skilled Thai plastic surgeons with unparalleled precision in literally sculpting your body into desired contours.  Yes, everybody wants that, but realistically not everybody can achieve such a goal in just a few hours.  If you still have chronic weight or massive abdominal issues, you may still be too far away from achieving a six-pack in just 1 surgery.  However, with persistence and strict adherence to a new healthier regimen abdominal etching can provide you with the “final touches” charge up your looks with a finely defined body.

What is Abdominal Etching

Our board certified Thai doctors have performed hundreds of abdominal etchings in the past. Like classical sculptors with their marble masterpieces, the idea is to “etch” or sculpt the abdominal area to create the illusion of cuts and translate it into the “legendary” washboard abs.  Excess fat is removed in between abdominal muscles to reveal indentations that delineate the abdominal muscle groups responsible for creating the six-pack appearance.  As fat is removed, the cuts become visible and the abdominal area appears trimmer, firmer, leaner and tighter.


To Etch or Not To Etch..That is the Question

As reiterated earlier, this may not be your ticket to immediate washboard abs.  It may seem quite “discriminating,” but candidates coming to Bangkok or Phuket for Liposuction should be fairly physically fit.  Therefore, if your abdominal area is still fat-laden, then there would be a serious case of liposuction or abdominoplasty somewhere prior to abdominal etching.  You should have an athletic built with a nearly perfect abdominal area with just the slightest fat pockets.

The Procedure

Since Hi-Def or 4D lipo does not require additional liposuction, abdominal etching may be performed on an outpatient basis without need for overnight stay. Cases involving Liposuction + Liposculpting will require overnight stay in a JCI accredited hospital or private surgical facility in Bangkok or Phuket.  You will either be put under local sedation or general anesthesia, depending upon your exact need (Will be determined after virtual consultation / medical history / Pictures).   After the anesthetic has been introduced, small incisions of approximately 2 mm will be made for the micro-cannula to pass through.  This tube-like instrument simultaneously produces grooves as excess fat is suctioned out, thereby emphasizing the natural delineations of the underlying musculature.

Post-Operative Care

The trio of swelling, bruising and pain is expected, and this shall be managed through medication and post-operative measures.  A medical compression garment will aid in reducing the inflammation.  It is advised that this be worn for three to six weeks.  There are quite a number of activities that need restriction such as engaging in physical activity or manual labor within the next two to three weeks.  It is important to abide by the surgeon’s recommendations to prevent infections and other complications.


Although there will be significant visible changes after the procedure, results will not be finalized for a period of 2-4 months.  However, by adhering to our surgeon’s advice, (Pre and Post Surgery Guide will be provided before you arrive to Thailand ) topped off with proper diet and the right exercise, final results will be achievable earlier.


We also offer Non-Surgical liposuction such as Coolsculpting that can shape your body instantly with ZERO downtime.

If you think you may be an ideal candidate for SMART Lipo Abdominal etching or High Definition liposuction and are ready for a more sculpted look, book your liposuction vacation to Thailand now.  You just might be a few days away from the six-pack of your dreams.

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