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Thanks to an explosion of fast food options and lack of time for physical activities for most people, getting overweight or even clinically obese is not that hard to do. Aside from the health risks that comes with being overweight, being chubby or fat can severely hurt your level of confidence which in turn affects many other areas of your life. The decline in confidence can be very damaging to your psychological and social health. If you are sick and tired of the way you look, then come to Thailand for a body sculpting holiday to. In as little as 1 week you can turn back the hands of time (physically) and get that tight firm body back without extensive downtime and at a price you can afford.

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Top Reasons for Body-transforming Surgery

Exercise and dieting are always the best way to help you lose weight. However, we know going back to the gym to tone your body can be very hard. Since most people don’t have time or are embarrassed to show their bodies at the gym. This is one of the main reasons people come to Thailand to transform their shape. Sometimes, you may not be able to lose the unsightly back rolls and thunder thighs no matter how hard to work at the gym. Body shaping surgeries can help you quickly and safely shed the fat in a short liposuction vacation so you can return home a new person.

Methods of Body Shaping we Offer

Modern Liposuction is usually the best way to achieving a tight toned body in a short time. There are many types of body sculpting liposuction available today, with some requiring surgery while some body sculpting such as with Ulthera,Thermage or Coolsculpting can be done without any surgery or downtime.


If you have larger pockets of fat or a high BMI, they minimally invasive liposuction such a Vaser,SMARTLipo or Bodytite RFAL Lipo may be a better solution.

Bodysculpting lipo usually involves micro-incisions to destroy and remove fat deposits in selected area/areas in a patient’s body such as neck,face,abdomen,back,sides,knees and arms. Bodyshaping is mainly done to help improve the contours of your body. Our liposuction doctors in Thailand usually recommend liposculpting AFTER you have undergone a weight loss program or diet change. Think of bodysculpting as a head start to a new and sexier body.

Risks of Surgery

Depending on if you use surgical or non-surgical lipo, The results can be immediate (surgical) or progressive such as with coolsculpting that could take 1-2 months to see final results. Most clients using Vaser HiDef or Bodytite RFAL Lipo notice improvements immediately following surgery.

No More Back Rolls

Since back rolls are the most common unsightly physical features that we want to eliminate, it is good to consider minimally liposuction for eliminating back and tummy rolls. To see which type of body sculpting technique is right for your needs please contact us.

Popular Types of Liposelection Used for Butt Enhancement and Bodysculpting :

  • SAL or Suction Assisted Liposuction. SAL is most common procedure wherein unwanted fats are being vacuumed out of the targeted area.
  • PAL or power assisted liposuction on the other hand uses a motor to move the body fat around.
  • Tumescent liposuction is done with the use of a local anesthetic to infiltrate the targeted area and making tiny incisions where the cannula will be inserted to remove the unwanted fats.
  • Ultrasound assisted liposuction is done with the use of ultrasound to break down the fats before it is finally suctioned out of the body. Laser can also be used to break down the fat instead of ultrasound.
  • WAL or Water assisted liposuction


There are several types of ways we can sculpt your body into the shape and size you prefer. The goal of the treatment is to help redefine your body in a short private medical holiday in Thailand. Liposuction should not be used as a permanent weight loss solution. Your diet and exercise habits after surgery will determine how long your results will last.

To get prices for bodysculpting in Thailand please contact us today.

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