Breast Augmentation Surgery – Boob Jobs using Implants

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Thailand

Also known as  mammaplasty or breast implant surgery, having breast augmentation surgery is a safe and affordable way to get the chest you have always wanted. Breast augmentations involve using implants to fulfill your own desire for fuller breasts or to finally restore chest size/volume that’s lost after a rapid weight reduction or having a baby. Breast Augmentation can also mean you are looking to have breast reduction surgery or a breast lift also known as an uplift procedure.


Having a Boob Job, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Whether you are considering a breast reduction, or chest lift or otherwise giving you better breasts and erect nipples, Liposuction center of Thailand offers affordable implants from the best most qualified professional experts in Bangkok and Phuket Thailand.

If you are looking to like to switch the look,size or shape of your respective breasts, or maybe you believe one breast is slightly bigger than another, you’re not alone. Our specialist surgeons have carried out thousands of breast augmentations we perform. Each and every year and they know that all the reasons why they have chosen to have implants, lift or even breast reduction procedure. Our medical tours specializes in all types of surgical breast augmentations and non-surgical augmentation with the new Stem Cell Breast Enlargement. Our goal is to enable you to reclaim your body confidence and bring a good immediate boost in self-esteem in a short and private medical holiday to Bangkok or Phuket.


Most commonly known as a ‘boob job’, breast enlargement surgery is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries for women and most clients report an immediate increase in self-confidence following the quick painless operation. If you’re one of the thousands and thousands women who are unhappy with the size of their particular breasts, we suggest that you book a trip to Thailand and have the body you want for a reasonable price. Liposuction Center and its approved treatment centers only us Authentic Allergan USA made Implants using the Anatomically correct shaped “Tear Drop” style, McGhan Type and the newer highly cohesive gel breast Implants also known as “Gummy Bear” style. A gummy bear breast augmentation can provide you with more natural shape and feel because it uses a silicon gel that is much more cohesive and form-stable in comparison to the currently available silicone breast enhancements.

No matter what style you select for your breast augmentation surgery, our goal is to give you a 100% natural appearance and feel no matter what size as well as style breast implants you ultimately choose.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Females with very large breasts often suffer from serious physical discomfort and pain in areas like the lower back and neck, and are often really self-conscious about their large breasts. If you feel your breasts are not in proportion with your frame or your overall body confidence is lacking, then we advise coming to Thailand about to breast reduction surgery for up to 60% less than the price back home with experienced western trained surgeons in Thailand. We encourage our clientele to do their research and ask as many concerns as needed and also to focus on that they hope to accomplish from the breast reduction surgery. Our accredited surgeons and clinics will explain the procedure with great detail to make sure you understand the rest and also recovery process needed for your breast augmentation. Breasts reduction is a fairly common treatment option for women who want breasts in proportion with the rest of their bodies, or for those who want permanent relief from back or neck area pain often brought on by large breasts.

Breast Lift / Breast Uplifts

Many women feel the fullness of their breasts is generally missing after the birth of their first child,recent rapid weight loss or simply  due to the natural aging  cycle. A large number of women are opting in for breast lift or Mastopexy to reclaim the natural fullness of their breasts. The Breast lift surgical procedure can be performed by its own or be combined with other treatments such as liposuction to achieve fuller, natural looking breasts. Breast lift surgery in Thailand is most commonly carried out on older patients whose breasts have lost their fullness due to natural aging process, and also on moms whose chests have lost their fullness mainly due to breastfeeding.

Incision Options:

All the Incisions for Breast Augmentation are made very inconspicuous areas to greatly minimize visible scarring. Your surgeon will discuss which incision options are appropriate for your desired outcome. Some Incision options we offer in Thailand include:

Inframammary Incision
Periareolar Incision
Transaxillary incisions

Breast Augmentations in Thailand | Before and After Pictures

Breast Implants in Bangkok
Breast Implants in Bangkok

Breast Lift With Implants
Breast Lift With Implants

Breast Augmentation Prices

In order to get fixed prices and package options that are specific to your unique needs, our breast surgeons will need to conduct a virtual consultation using some pictures and your brief medical history. Your virtual consultation is free and your requirements are filled in complete confidence. The price we give you will include everything for the breast augmentation procedure like the cost of your 1 or 2 night stay at the hospital,all medical related fees,transportation to all medical related appointments and all after care and follow-up visits. There are absolutely no hidden costs and you are under no obligation until after your face to face consultation and facilities tour.

The price does not however include airline prices to Bangkok and/or accommodations for your recovery period but we can offer some hotel + treatment combination specials upon request or you can search from over 500 hotels in Bangkok and over 3,200 hotels in Thailand.

Breast Augmentation Packages

We can also arrange an all-inclusive liposuction getaways upon special requests. Our promotion packages can customized based on transportation and accommodation needs and requests for your breast augmentation holiday. Contact us today for more details and specific date requests.

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