Face and Buccal Fat Cheek Lipo for Double Chin and Jowls


We often assume that liposuction is used primarily for bodysculpting and abdominal 6 pack creation, but these days, non-surgical and minimally invasive liposuction techniques such as SMART Laser Lipo,VASER and FaceTite RFAL are being used in smaller areas such as the face.  Men and Women from across the world are coming to Thailand for the high quality and affordable liposuction holidays in record numbers.  Face lipo has proven to be an effective treatment option for facial areas that don’t easily “slim down,” such as the cheeks, neck, jawline, jowls,buccal fat and chin.

Affordable Facial “Submental” Liposuction

Face lipo is otherwise known as submental liposuction due to its access point, which happens to fall within the chin or submental area.  The procedure may be performed independently or in conjunction with other facial corrective procedures such as rhytidectomy,stem cell breast enlargement,rhinoplasty, dermal filler injections,coolsculpting, Zerona Laser and even Lasik Vision correction and dental treatments.

Buccal Fat Removal

The face, particularly the cheek and chin areas, possess a certain degree of resistance to diet and exercise.  At times, chubby patients easily shed weight off their bodies but their face remains moon-faced or slightly puffy.  With Submental lipo at the Liposuction center of Thailand, this issue can be addressed as the procedure can improve the appearance by rendering a thinner facial angle.

Ideal Candidates

The double chin is usually one determining factor.  If you happen to be troubled by having double chin, or by jowls or a neck area that seems to resemble that of a turkey, facial liposuction may be the right corrective procedure for you.

Face lipo is not intended for those that are slightly on the obese side and is usually restricted to those who have already undergone general weight loss but are looking for the “final touches”.   Facial liposuction surgery should only be an option when your weight has been properly managed and is under control.

The Procedure

Depending on the technique required, Face lipo is usually carried out under local anesthesia or conscious sedation.  However, should you wish to undergo other cosmetic procedures simultaneously, general anesthesia must then be employed.

Our Board certified plastic surgeons in Bangkok or Phuket start the procedure by making a tiny incision underneath your chin.  Another option would require an internal approach, as the incision is made between the gums and the inner bottom part of your lower lip.  The incision is normally between two and four centimeters in length.  After which, a cannula will be inserted and moved from side to side to dissolve fat and vacuum it out.  Once the desired amount of fat is eliminated, the incision will be sutured.  While the procedure itself only takes an hour or 2 to perform, The liposuction Center recommends a minimum of 4-7 nights in Bangkok or Phuket to allow for proper followups post-surgery.

The use of other liposuction modalities that allow fat to be emulsified prior to removal may also be employed to allow for a gentler process.  These could be any of the known and safe face liposuction techniques using Vaser, water, or ultrasound laser beams.

The Recovery Period

Recovery after facial Liposuction depends on three main factors:

  1. Type of incision employed
  2. Extent or number of total procedures done (if performed simultaneously with other cosmetic treatments)
  3. Your bodies natural healing response.  If performed alone, recovery is faster.  Mild pain, or an average level of discomfort, and swelling, are expected, but this will be addressed with pain medications that will be provided.

If the incision was made inside your mouth, your diet will certainly be controlled and must be properly managed.  This is to ensure that the incision is properly healing in spite of your regular food and water intake.  You must abide by post-operative measures we provide to eliminate any chances of further complications. You will also be provided with a custom elastic compression headband that must be worn during the first 12 to 36 hours post surgery. You will not need to wear the compression garment once the drainage has ceased. The compression headband is mainly beneficial at night while you sleep to help assist in your healing process.

Regular duties may be resumed after five days to a week.  It may be slightly sooner depending on how much work was done, but this precaution is observed to maximize your rest time for proper healing to take place during your facial liposuction holiday in Thailand.

Buccal Fat Reduction Face Lipo Before After Pictures




Prices for Facial Liposuction

The actual cost of Facial lipo will depend on the total areas treated along with the technique used. To get actual and fixed prices please prepare some clear pictures and contact us. If you wish to learn more about reducing pockets of unwanted fat on your face,jowl or cheeks, using our safe and effective facial liposuction techniques in Bangkok or Phuket please contact us today.  One of our liposuction doctors will gladly help in answering your concerns via a virtual consultation.