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Compare Savings – Whats good health worth to you ?

Compare Savings

Imagine getting that much desired ultra-facelift or much needed knee or hip replacement in Thailand the day after arriving to Bangkok.  All from a caring western trained surgeon at an internationally accredited luxury hospital while saving 50-80% including round-trip airfare and hotel.

Now imagine getting that needed cosmetic surgery Thailand procedure and spending your recovery time in a private exotic locale, with 5-star accommodations, meals & massage, with a partner that lets you concentrate on the most important thing. Your health and peace of mind are our number one priority!

Compare savings with a Strong government and private led resources have helped to firmly establish a truly world-class state of the art private healthcare system that is an attractive option for local and foreign patients seeking high quality, compassionate healthcare at an affordable price.

Welcome to Liposuction in Thailand!


Since 2004, one of governments’ primary initiatives has been to make Thailand an Internationally Acclaimed “Medical Hub”. The plan worked! Government initiatives and resources have helped to promote a state of the art private healthcare system that is an attractive option for local and foreign patients seeking high quality, compassionate healthcare at an affordable. The plan generates an estimated 50 billion baht ($1.6 Billion USD) per year. While Thailand has been a popular destination for Americans seeking proven high quality low-cost procedures, Canadians and Brits looking to cut wait times (some patients have to wait over a year for a needed procedure), or Middle Eastern patients shunned by Post 9/11 visa restrictions that has kept many in the region from traveling West for critical and elective care.

Thailand’s main selling points to potential medical tourists, in particular the over 46 million uninsured Americans, are high quality treatments at an attractive price in an amazing setting.

Compare savings on Major medical procedure cost estimates in US vs. Thailand*

* all prices are quoted in USD 




Heart Bypass



Heart Valve






Hip Replacement






Knee Replacement



Spinal Fusion



Compare Savings when The fees estimated in Thailand include ALL medical related costs, hospitalization, prescriptions and follow-up are can be paid cash tax-free. This means you know exactly what the price is going to be before you begin your treatment. We don’t like any surprises, neither should you!

With prices so low, most of foreign clients prefer paying in cash in Thailand, to making lengthy complicated insurance claims back home.The insurance companies can compare savings also.

comparesavingsCompare savings in Thailand for wellness seekers. Thailand has an extremely high quality of care along with low costs at the top private hospitals in Thailand. Most private hospitals offer expert, highly educated and advanced trained specialists with state of the art equipment. Thailand has not only caught the attention of uninsured Americans, but also the insurance companies who cover the other 250 million and who are desperately attempting to cut costs while maintaining quality.

That leaves you with quite a budget for a recovery vacation in paradise, filled with shopping, 2 hour Thai massages and complete pampering knowing you did thanks to comparing savings!

“Recapture your beauty & self-confidence.”

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