Surgical Rhytidectomy Facelift,Mini and Laser Face Lifts

Once the facelift surgery is complete, your face will be wrapped in fresh bandages to help prevent any infections and support your new face while the skin slowly heals. The bandages will be removed usually the day before you go to your home or hotel from hospital or clinic.

MACS Surgery – Minimal access cranial suspension treatment

The Primary difference between MACS and other types is that he incisions in MACS are much smaller. The tightening and removal of excess fat in MACS is done through micro-surgical incisions. Excess fat can also be removed with the MACS face lift in Bangkok.

Keyhole surgery

If keyhole surgery is the right option for you, your surgeon will make several very small incisions into the skin on your face. Then they feed a telescopic lens camera, also called an endoscope, under the skin. The “live” image will be displayed on a monitor allowing the surgeon to see exactly which muscles to tighten and how much excess fat to remove. Keyhole surgery in Thailand is most commonly used for delicate operations like the brow lifts and/or upper facelift in Thailand and offers a much short recovery time with less scarring and therefore more expensive.

A facelift is frequently combined with blepharoplasty or Asian eyelid surgery, forehead lift, chin augmentation, and / or liposuction, to rejuvenate the entire face.

Traditional Facelifts are very common and often performed in luxury inpatient centers in Bangkok or Phuket. General anesthesia is often not required for small areas but can be required for full face and neck. Tiny Incisions are then made inside of the hairline area and near the temple of your head, in the front of your ears, then around your ear lobes and behind your ears depending on whats required. Excess skin is then carefully removed while saggy muscles & other connective tissues are carefully tightened. The small Incisions are then permanently closed with small sutures.

Facelift procedures may take up to 4-5 hours depending on whether any other procedures are performed at the same time. To minimize the scarring, the surgeons may remove sutures in a few stages. The scarring generally fades pretty quickly. Most of the swelling & discoloration is not visible after 14 days. Your face might feel a little tight for a few weeks after your facelift.

The Facelift Surgery Overview

Depending on how much lifting is to be done in your facelift in Thailand, the surgeon makes incisions from the temple to below the ears and may extend to the back of the ears, at the hairline. Post incision, the delicate skin is gently pulled away form the muscle and fat while the excess fatty areas are suctioned away from your neck & chin area. If the client has jowls they want fixed, fibrous tissue and muscle under the skin may be tightened to fix them. The SMAS layer which is the layer below the skin is then dissected and is tightened based on the vectors drawn prior to surgery. After this stage, the skin is pulled tight and any excess skin is gently trimmed away. Once your skin is tight,taut and trimmed, the surgeon closed the incisions with a combination of tiny sutures and staples. The face is then wrapped after your facelift in Thailand, usually with some fresh gauze and/or elastic bandages, that are removed in a day or two.

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Partial or Mini Face Lifts

For individuals who want a lift on a particular area of the face, a partial or mini facelift may be performed. Partial facelifts  are often done on the forehead area, neckline and jaw area. Some facelifts in Thailand can be performed on an outpatient basis and typically involve much smaller incisions or lasers for a rapid recovery time.

Non-surgical Laser Facelifts

A Laser face like Thermage Face lift or Ulthera face lift don’t require incisions. With a laser face lifts, The surgeon will resurface and/or tighten the exterior layers of your skin to allow fewer fine lines and reducing your wrinkles. Laser resurfacing facelifts. The Laser facelifts are more precise and there’s little or no bleeding and the post-surgery discomfort is also minimal. This is often called a lunch time face lift.


Thread lifts are a minimal invasive cosmetic facelift procedure. It can be done in an office setting with minimal anesthesia and minimal downtime. The thread lift procedures offer similar benefits to laser face lifts including:

•    To eliminate fine wrinkles
•    To improve skin color
•    To smoothen deep wrinkles
•    To increase skin elasticity and texture
•    To delay the aging process
•    To reinforce loose skin

Costs of Facelift Surgery in Thailand

Each face is unique and therefore its difficult to have a set price for face lifts surgery.  We can put together an accurate & exact price once our doctors understand your specific needs and wants. The price you will be given will include everything from the medical procedure itself,overnight stay and hospital costs and all aftercare appointments. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

Recommended Length of Stay

Our surgeon’s recommend a 10-14 night facelift holiday to Thailand. This time should allow proper healing and care and check-ups throughout your medical holiday.

“Recapture your beauty & self-confidence.”

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