Butt Enhancement with Fat Transfer – Brazilian Butt Lift


Having a round shapely behind can make an pretty big difference to your bodies contour. Having nice round buttocks can make your waist and thighs appear much smaller and also makess your torso appear more proportioned. Most often the main issue for most men and women is that peoples butt area is a very firm hard portion muscular part of a humans body especially if your are athletic or exercise often.

Solutions for Flat Butts

The concept of transferring undesired fat to another area sound enticing. Most people would agree that given an option augmenting your derriere with body fat sound much more appealing than artificial butt implants . First, there’s virtually no risk for rejection, because fat is your own bodyfat. The results from CAL Butt Lift can seem much more natural and doesn’t require eventual need for removal. Fat or “Adipose tissue” has some intriguing properties. If it’s injected into muscles or bones, it feels like bones or muscles once it is under the skin. Similarly, if fat is injected into he breasts for CAL Breast enhancement it results in a very natural look and feels like 100% natural fat. The only real down side of transferring fat to face,breasts,buttocks, lips or another areas is the reality that like other natural fats, it will be reabsorbed by your body or lost with rapid weight gains or losses.

How is Genuine CAL Butt Enhancement in Thailand performed?

Cell Assisted Lipotransfer or Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer should be viewed as a multi-stage 2-in-1 process, The first step requires a unique mini-liposuction to safely extract adipose fat tissue. The ideal candidates for Butt Enhancement Surgery with Fat Transfer are those with stubborn persistent fat around the back and flank area. The skill in our technique comes with carefull addition or subtraction of fat to deliver a more shapely and curvacious behind. Our unique treatment does not use harmfull techniques like Bodytite, Vaser or SmartLipo to destroy the fat becuase such fat would be useless being used to bring volume and structure to the butt area. Once destroyed the cells and liquified fat can not be used. Our safe lipo-kit process safely extracts the fat before its processed and reinjected in the butt areas. The treatment will be preformed under local anaesthetic but general may be requested or reqired if combining with multiple areas or treatments such as breast augmentation, tummy tuckeyelid surgery or facelift


The entire procedure takes 2-3 hours to perform and the minimally invasive treatment will most likely not require overnight stay. Healing begins immediately after treatment with followups taking place 5-7 days post operation.

Benefits of CAL Fat Transfer over conventional Butt implants:

  • Assisted Fat Transfer to the Butt is a minimally invasive procedure & performed while under local anaesthetic
  • Very Little Down Time. No hospital stay Required
  • Results are more natural-appearing
  • Significantly less pain and minimal risk of scarring when compared to surgical alternative
  • Get a new body in as little as 1 week in Thailand!

Brazilian Butt Lift in Thailand

Fat lipo transfer is also called the Brazilian Bottom Lift. Each person has unique requirements in reshaping their butt but on average most people require about 200 to 400 cc of pure fat per side. Most people are genrally quite pleased to have that fat taken off their bodies. 

[notify_box font_size=”13px” style=”red”]Not Everyone is a candidate for Fat Transfer to the butt. Men and Women with a low BMI and Body fat in the abdomen and thigh areas may be refused treatment. Please contact us for more information [/notify_box]

The incisions are microscopic  using a very special min-cannula, or suction wand, to go under the skin and take the fat out that we work with. After your surgery we, recommend wearing a properly fitting body garment for 3-6 weeks post op and also avoid excessive sitting in place. A general compression garment is provided with all treaments.

Before and After Pictures



The results for this treatment can be seen instantly and the fat is premenant provided that you keep your weight steady. The implanted will evolve naturally as your body ages and will transform.

Get a Round, Perky Behind in Bangkok!

If you looking for a round, perky butt with a perfect apple-shape why not make a no-hassle consultation with the Liposuction Centre of Thailand to see if fat lipo trasfer to the butt is the best option for you.

To get actual and fixed prices for bum fat transfer in Thailand or to see if you make an good candidate please contact us today.

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