Hair Transplants & Affordable Hair Loss Treatments in Thailand

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Top Hair Clinic for getting Hair Transplants in Thailand

Miss getting haircuts? Are you looking for a simple, cost-effective, scar-free technique for natural hair restoration that’s also minimally invasive?
Look No More! Liposuction in Thailand has been pushing the limits of modern medicine in search of the best affordable hair transplants with The follicular transfer technique or “FT” is an internationally accepted accredited solution and a revolutionary breakthrough for complete hair loss treatment in Thailand with natural undetectable results and minimum disruption to our international clients visiting Thailand for business or pleasure. We understand your busy demanding schedules and do our best to ensure quality of care.

Thailand is considered Asia’s most advanced treatment solution provider in the field of natural hair restoration, stem cell hair regeneration. Our expert hand selected doctors in Thailand are trained worldwide in the latest hair restoration technologies to ensure that Liposuction center in Thailand clients’ all benefit from the latest and greatest in general medical technology and hair specific equipments and treatments to help maintain or restore your hair 100% naturally.All the hair transplants are performed by the top plastic surgeons in Thailand, who have performed thousands of successful hair restorations over the last 20 years.


How does it really work?

Absolutely Yes! The particular transplanted hair are taken out of one area (donor site) and then transferred to another area (beneficiary site). The moved tissue is not “rejected” because they are not looked at as foreign cells. The autologous transplanted new hairs are able to maintain its individual characteristics; color, structure, growth rate, and feel, after transplantation along with the ability to regrow. The vitality of the grafted hair follicle is managed by the blood circulation near the scalp. Over the years new instruments and methods have been developed that enable us to achieve an exact natural result through transplanting small grafts extremely close together.

What can I expect after my hair loss treatment?

The complete and detailed post-operative plan will be outlined at your initial consultation. You can generally expect some small scabs on the scalp around the graft sites. This is completely normal and these kind of scabs disappear in 4-7 days. Regular Washing/Bathing can begin as early as Twenty-four hours after your treatment. The particular sutures or stitches used in your treatment will be virtually undetectable and are covered entirely by existing hair. A post surgery appointment will likely be made for the suture being removed one week right after surgery therefore we recommend an 8-10 day visit to Bangkok.

Patients should also avoid strenuous physical activity for about five days after surgical treatment. Typically the grafted new start growing about 1/2 inch per month after 3-4 months time.

Are the grafts painful?

Modern technology has come a long way. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how little pain there really is in getting hair transplants. However, some soreness is to be expected as the pain-killer is injected in the scalp. Once the epidermis is anesthetized, there is no pain. If the numbing wears off during the procedure, more can be injected to re-anesthetize the location. The entire treatment is done under local anesthesia on an out-patient basis

Is it expensive?

Hair transplant in Thailand are very Inexpensive when compared to substitute treatments around the world. The average cost per graft for Hair Transplant in Thailand is less than €1.35 Euros Per Graft. A tiny price to pay for great results that create permanent new hair. Most people consider it a good investment towards future happiness.

How many Sessions are Needed?

The number of actual sessions will depend on the area of scalp needing hair.An estimate with total number of sessions may be requested from one of our approved surgeons with some pictures and short medical history form.

At the Lipo Center our primary focus is to help people make a clear, educated choice about natural looking Hair Transplants in Thailand based on the information available. We take pride in our expertise in Thailand medical solutions and also in our abilities in being able to help all our patients. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact Liposuction Center in Thailand You can contact us via email, phone or Skype and one of our professional team-members will gladly help you in strict confidently to help you reach a better understanding of all your options. This normally includes a complimentary analyses of your situation and a complete plan of action for your Hair Loss Treatments.

All-Inclusive package promotions are also available and include: 7-10 nights packages with 4 & 5 Star Boutique Hotels , VIP Transportation, a personal chauffeur with daily massage service and optional Thailand day trips start at €2900 Euros. ( up to 2 people per package ). Please contact us for more details.


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Why Choose to have your Hair transplant in Thailand?

We are trusted organization that will guide you every step of the way. Liposuction Center of Thailand closely work with the best hospitals and doctors and offer assistance on non-medical aspects of your medical vacation at no extra cost to the patient. We have affiliations with world class Thai hospitals which use International protocols and multidisciplinary team approaches to achieve optimal results.

Unfortunately, not all scalps will benefit from the new Hair Transplant protocol. We therefore need to assess your true and accurate medical condition before offering any treatment solutions and exact prices. Our clients all receive priority scheduling during their Hair Transplant vacation including, all appointments, hotel transfers, local hospitality. We also offer packages that include luxury accommodations,transportation and excursions are also available upon request for your Hair Transplant with the Lipo Center.

“Recapture your beauty & self-confidence.”

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