Independent Voice -Helping you Choose The Right Doctors in Thailand

Helping you make the right choice

We provide a unique service, giving clients clear, impartial, unbiased advice of where and who to go to for the best quality and value medical & plastic surgery thailand, liposuction, fertiltity solutions PGD IVF and gender selection solutions,cord blood stem cell therapy, stem cell treatment for ED,optical,affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments, and anti-aging and wellness retreats to Thailand

We have scoured Thailand to select the best hospitals and surgeons that provide the unique and wonderful formula of world-class quality & international certifications with affordable treatments and complete privacy.

Originally started as a referral service, Liposuction Center of Thailand has grown to become the largest independent voice for medical holiday seekers and wellness holidays in Asia.

Being a 100% independent voice allows us to hand select the best of the best in Thailand based on actual experience, qualifications, reputation and results achieved.

Means We are on your side!

We have interviewed every surgeon and been to every hospital and clinic in our approved provider list. We have found this unique formula to be a critical but very difficult and time-consuming service for our clients. This is where our Independent Voice is heard. So often the best hospitals and surgeons are not advertised internationally, and many don’t even have websites, as they don’t need to, they are busy enough just through word of mouth locally. Through our research we found, the hype of flashy advertising and websites doesn’t mean that hospitals or surgeons are better, and they often uncover a smokescreen for disreputable clinics, who are trying to cash in on the medical vacation boom.

Being an independent voice means We help you evaluate your treatment options and prepare you for your trip. Our relationships with the hospitals and surgeons means that our clients get preferential access and care. We always encourage our clients to speak to the surgeons about any questions you have before you travel.

independent_voice_travelFurthermore, our relationships with the approved providers and surgeons and facilities means that we can offer our clients exclusive pre-negotiated prices, that costs you much less than if you organized everything yourself without all the headaches. This advantage coupled with our great personal service and personalized care guarantees our clients value that is unparalleled Independent Voice in the industry.

                             Remember our Independent Voice we are on your side!

We continuously strive to negotiate the very best service, quality and prices for our clients. Our mission is for our clients to achieve peace of mind before, during and after the treatment via access to the highest quality surgeons, hospitals, personal and accommodations. Everything is taken care of and we offer lots of additional tours, activities and travel options upon request. Liposuction Center of Thailand is an Independent Voice you can count on!

“Recapture your beauty & self-confidence.”

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