HiDef BodyTite RFAL Liposuction – Fat Loss & Shrink Skin

BodyTite Liposuction

Genuine Body Tite RFAL is now available exclusively in Bangkok. Body sculpturing though minimally invasive lipo has forever changed with this amazing new minimally invasive procedure that quickly and effectively removes your unwanted fat while simultaneously tightening and re-contouring your skin to avoid the dreaded loose skin that occurs after large amounts of fat are removed in the body. Radio Frequency Assited Liposuction “Bodytite” is the latest and most revolutionizing new fat sculpting tool on the market and is suitable for both females and males of all ages,tone and size. Clinical Trials have clearly demonstrated that a combination treatment using RFAL + Fat suction/removal can tighten skin nearly 43% more than the the traditional lipo techniques being used on the market such as SMART Laser Lipo.

BodyTite in Thailand | Testimonial Video

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Body Tite Liposuction is very powerful because it creates fast & very even heating of your outer skin and tissue, allowing remarkable consistency, contouring and fat reduction with very little pain or downtime. RFAL liposuction allows one of our INVASIX trained doctors in Bangkok to achieve maximum benefits through the use of a multi-stage treatment plan that generates an unprecedented amount of new collagen production and constriction to help reduce and tighten the skin.


RFAL or radio-frequency assisted liposuction allows very precise results with much less trauma to the areas being treated. The results appear fast and most clients feel good enough to walk-around in as little as 24 hours post surgery. There is also significantly less bruising,swelling and pain when compared to other liposuction techniques on the market.


  • Allows aggressive removal of stubborn fat due to minimally invasive targeted treatment sessions
  • Proven to tighten skin up to 43% more than traditional Lipo that does not address loose skin after fat loss
  • Much less pain,bruising and downtime for your liposuction vacation to Thailand. Return home in as little as 5-7 days!
  • Body and SkinTite liposuction very effective in fibrous areas also such as like male chest (for male breast reduction or gynecomastia ),love handles, neck, face,arms and even to help define legs.

BodyTite vs Traditional Liposuction

Traditional lipo is also sometimes referred to as Tumescent lipo. Traditional lipo is outdated and uses a very large cannula and painfully invasive means to suck the fat cells out manually. The Invasix BodyTite lipo however, uses the same motions as tumescent but the fat is destroyed and removed in a much more careful and less invasive means melting “emulsifying” the bodyfat which allows the doctors to suck out the body fat with ease causing significantly less trauma/pain to the surrounding tissues in the areas that are being treated. Bodytite is also the only liposuction technology on the market that reduces fat AND shrinks skin to avoid the dreaded loose rolls associated with liposuction

Results from Having BodyTite @ the Liposuction Center

Results from Bodytite will be seen immediately after the treatment. Final results will take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on the person and his/her healing abilities and diet.


BodyTite vs SmartLipo

“Smart Laser is an older laser assisted lipo technique that is generally much better than tumescent lipo but not as effective for skin tightening as BodyTite.  The laser fibers in SmartLipo are just not as efficient in heating/shrinking the underlying tissues as Body Tite and therefore SmartLipo generally takes nearly twice as long as Body Tite RFAL Lipo. Preliminary studies that compared the two leading techniques for fat reduction and skin tightening shows that BodyTite is nearly 3X more effective as Smart Laser Lipo while only taking half the time.

Advantages over Others

• Tumescent Lipo allows skin contractions of only 3-6%
• SMART Laser Lipo allows skin contractions/reduction of nearly 10-13%
• The Lipocenter BodyTite treatments have demonstrated skin contractions of almost 43%!

Recent Before and After Pictures



Treatable Areas

BodyTite cannot be used for Butt lipotransfer aka Brazilian Butt lift but it can be used for treating many, including the abs,hips,buttocks,thighs,neck,upper arms,chest and back. Bodytite Lipo is also often used in conjunction with popular plastic surgeries allowing a very effective full body makeover.


Risks and Recovery Time

If you are interested in coming to Thailand for BodyTite you should plan on spending a minimum of 5-7 nights in Bangkok. This is a very new procedure and is ONLY available in Bangkok at this time.  RFAL Liposuction is considered very minimally invasive and most of our clients have reported a very quick recovery with only minor discomfort during and after the surgery. Risks include slight numbness in the areas treated but that should also wear-off 24-48 hours post surgery.  Patients may also be prescribed pain medications and/or anti-inflammatory medications if performing multiple treatments at once.


Having good long term results will requires commitment on your part also. We ask that all our international clients take precaution and care after surgery by wearing compression garment ( Provided ) in the areas treated to help maintain proper desired shape and allow quicker reduction in swelling. Most patients having RFAL can return to their normal lives immediately after surgery but should only exercising once all the swelling and pain have subsided and the wounds are healed completely.

Prices for Bodytite

Liposuction Center of Thailand has helped thousands of men and women change their lives for the better and will be there for you every step of your medical journey. Unfortunately, not everyone is an ideal candidate for Liposuction. Our doctors can only select patients who they believe will benefit from this technique. People with higher BMI rate may not qualify for Bodytite but could qualify for other techniques such as Vaser. To find out if you qualify and get accurate pricing our doctors will need to understand your existing condition and ability to have lipo in Thailand. We offer EXCLUSIVE discounts with priority scheduling for all your medical appointments. The cost for having Bodytite lipo in Bangkok starts depends on the areas being treated with big discounts for multiple areas.

Request Evaluation for Genuine Bodytite Therapy

The cost of any medical treatment will depend entirely on the total areas being treated. We can provide exact and fixed prices once our doctors can review your pictures via a complimentary virtual consultation. One of our english native agents can contact you via phone or email to provide you with your options,benefits, flight and hotel packages along with any other needed information needed to make a decision on having surgery in Thailand. To help speed up the inquiry and booking process, please have some photos prepared along with you basic medical history (allergies,medications etc) so our doctors can review your needs and provide some options with actual total prices. The online consultation is complimentary.

RFAL Bodytite is a minimally invasive liposuction and only requires a 5 to 7 night trip to Bangkok. After 1 week in Thailand you can return home with a new body after having enjoy a productive and exciting short trip to amazing Bangkok.

“Recapture your beauty & self-confidence.”

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