Medical Vacations – What are They?

Medical Vacations to Thailand

Medical Vacations are not a new concept, the first recorded case of medical travel was when Greek pilgrims traveled from the Mediterranean to Epidauria, a small territory in the Saronic Gulf. It was said that this small territory was the sanctuary of Asklepios, known as the healing God. The ancient Romans and Egyptians often traveled to hot springs and baths to improve their health along with 18th and 19th century Europeans and Americans who flocked to health spas and sanitariums and even in remote places in the hope that they will get treatment for diseases such as tuberculosis, gout, bronchitis or liver diseases.

What is a Medical Tour?

Today, the motivations to improve health and well-being have not changed. As with other modern luxuries, more people alive today have greater access to achieve anything they need and desire. Liposuction in Thailands can provide you with a solution to help improve your mind,body or soul.

Liposuction center of Thailand is based in Bangkok, Thailand with service offices in Los Angeles, Sydney,London and Dubai UAE. Our medical concierge staff are all based in Bangkok.

We know Thailand !

Our dedicated staff continues to set the standards for medical travel and medical vacations services around the world. With a network of internationally accredited hospitals (AMA, JCI, ISO,HA), internationally qualified consultants, excellent nursing care and facilities that meet and exceed global certified standards of quality and performance.

Liposuction Center Thailand offers its clients a broad array of specialized medical solutions at a fraction of the cost at your home with no waiting times and These benefits coupled with the amazing beauty, gracious hospitality and delicious food, makes the Kingdom of Thailand the world’s preferred destination for all types of medical vacations and dental treatments. We understand that each patient has a different set of fears, goals, and special needs and offer customized solutions to cater to them. We take you’re your medical vacations custom enquiry to the best suited facilities in the Kingdom and help you make a confident and well-informed decision about your health and well-being.

Lipo Center of Thailand aim to provide complete transparent access to all your healthcare records through our secure online platform at all times, so that you are ‘in the know’ at every stage and can even assist in ensuring that post-operative care is available in your country of residence before we facilitate your treatment in Thailand. Our medical vacation surgeons and Facilities in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai are all carefully chosen to ensure that you are in the best hands. All our chosen doctors graduated from an US and European Medical School & speak excellent English.

We are 100% INDEPENDENT and allow our clients to choose from the BEST medical vacations options available in Thailand. We only recommend honest, pre-screened clinics with highly trained and experienced staff. These clinics meet or exceed all International standards and protocols. We encourage open communication at all times and strive to provide our clients with patient education. Our mission is to place clients safety and interests above all else.

We look forward to making your Lipo Centers of Thailand a positive life changing experience!

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