Benefits of Non-Surgical Liposuction | Surgical Alternatives

Everything that you see on TV, Magazines and ESPECIALLY the internet is a representation of how important physical beauty is in modern life. Have you heard of the catch phrase Thin is in? What is considered beautiful now is a body that is free from any excess fat. This is one of the main reasons why many men and women around the world choose to come to Thailand for Liposuction. The objective is simple, go under the knife to get rid of unwanted fat in a short liposuction vacation. This procedure is probably the most common cosmetic surgery in Bangkok and Phuket. The liposuction we offer ranges from Minimally Invasive Vaser fat treatment laser, Ultrasound Smart Laser Lipo and Body Tite to 100% non-surgical lipo such as coolsculpting “freeze” lipo.


If you are also having a hard time losing the embarrassing muffin top or toning the chunky thighs, then you should consider the relatively simple and easy path to liposuction. Fat treatment Laser lipois a minor operation done where fat gets destroyed and removed from different sites of your body.

What if you’re afraid of having a surgery? Not to worry, with the advancement in ultrasonic,non-surgical lipo technology in Thailand, there is a brand new way to lose the stubborn fat in a completely non invasive way. No hospitals stay required!

Non-surgical liposuction is an alternative to cosmetic surgery vacations that require operations. It has the same result as a regular surgery where overall weight will decrease but the process is much gentler than being cut open surgically. There will be no bleeding, no swelling and no pain that will be experienced. Those are not the only reason that makes this alternative better; this procedure is also so much cheaper than a regular liposuction.


What is Non-Invasive Liposuction?

The non invasive liposuction alternative can be done on your arms, legs, stomach, hips and face. Instead of the traditional process where fat tissues are suctioned through tubes, sophisticated technology like laser, ultrasonic and radio frequency is used to melt away the fat. The dissolved fat will then be discharged as waste.

There are a few different types of non surgical techniques that are available in the market today. Here is a list of the ones that are commonly done today.

1.    Ultrasound Liposuction in Bangkok: This treatment eliminates the fat on parts of the body through the use of ultrasound energy. The ultrasound machine will pass through the parts of the body that needs fat reduction, it will then break apart all of the fat cells which will then be reabsorbed in the bloodstream. It will only take about an hour for the procedure to be done; however, the results won’t be visible right away and it may take a few weeks or so.

2.    Vaser Shape: This procedure combines the use of ultrasound and massage to tighten the skin and get rid of cellulite. Ultrasound is used to drain the fat and zonal massage is used to soften the dimpled skin which will result to a smoother, toner appearance. A typical VaserShape session lasts only for about an hour but more than one session is necessary for all the cellulite to disappear completely.


3.    Collagen Injections: Collagen can get rid of fat cells when injected to a problematic area. The body will have an immediate effect to the collagen which is to reabsorb the fat cells and gets rid of them. The result is not immediate but will be visible in the following weeks.

4. Zerona Laser and Coolsculpting: The US FDA approved Zeltiq Coolsculpting in Bangkok is the most recent and completely non-invasive way to destroy fat using a process called “Cryolipolysis” where the fat get destroyed internally by targeting freezing of the fat cells. The fat then breaks apart naturally and passes through your system as waste. The complete process takes 1-3 months to see the final results.


Genuine Coolsculpting In Bangkok Thailand

Is Non-invasive Liposuction Safe?

All of these techniques we offer are 100% safe and effective. The benefits of not penetrating the skin to destroy fat make the lipo alternatives a very attractive option for short Thai medical holidays. Before treatment, you will have an opportunity to consult the doctor and tour the facilities to ensure you are getting the best medical treatment in Thailand from the best doctors possible. We encourage you to take time to research about all the different methods of weightloss we offer before choosing which one works the best.

Stomach Liposuction Before and After Pictures


To learn more about safe non-surgical alternatives to lipoplasty,bodysculpting and liposelection or to see recent liposuction before and after photos please contact us today.

Stem Cells Harvested Through Liposuction Can Help Grow Blood Vessels

An exciting new study that was recently released suggests that blood vessels can be grown from stem cells harvested through liposuction. Doctors in Thailand are well aware of the power of these adult stem cells, believes that this is a step in the right direction toward providing surgery candidates with blood vessels that do not offer the same risks as those grafted from other parts of the body or those made of synthetic materials, which include clotting, rejection, and functional failure.

According to the researchers, patients who are in need of surgery could benefit from the creation of these new blood vessels via a process called “angiogenesis”. Each fat cell in the human body has an important anti-aging property. The human body contains a pluripotent stem cells. Pluripotent stem cells are the stem cells that can help stimulate growth of other cells, such as connective tissue,blood vessels, collagen, neurons etc.

The blood vessels that researchers are hoping to create would provide an “turn-key” alternative to harvesting vessels from other parts of the body or using vessels constructed from synthetic materials. This can greatly improve the success of future surgical procedures. Doctors are hoping that if properly developed, this technique can be used to expand a much wider range of tissue, allowing for the invitro growth of other usable body parts for surgical needs. The creation of new blood vessel, is a relatively new breakthrough but adult stem cell technology has been used and integrated into several other fields inside the overall medical industry.

Cell assisted fat Injections for the use in stem cell facelifts and stem cell breast enhancements are used for creating volume and to improve youthfulness of the skin’s appearance with a virtually no downtime or pain. The Cell infused fat injections can be safely used to naturally rejuvenate the skin.

Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Vacation Tips

There is a lot more to reducing weight than just enhancing your appearances. Of course, that is part of it, however it is additionally about feeling terrific and being healthy. Review this post to learn even more about different fat burning approaches and ways to make your very own program.

When you are weight loss, yearning these kinds of meals can genuinely hinder your finest efforts. As an alternative, discover a healthy option to your favored junk meals.

French fries are bad for those attempting to lose weight. If you desire to consume french fries that assist remove pounds as an alternative of including them, bake them. These potatoes are yummy when dipped in catsup, and they do not have as lots of calories as standard fries.

Do not enable meals to be your only source of satisfaction. Meals can easily be calming and a wonderful means to invest time with others. Simply be sure that you discover things that you appreciate similarly or even more.

Award your weight loss by shopping for garments in smaller sized sizes. If you have no additional clothing, you will certainly have to lose the weight!

When meals is fed to the tummy too quick, the tummy has no opportunity to figure out if you have actually had sufficient meals. Losing weight is effortless if you keep in mind to use these concepts.

This is tailored towards those who discover work out tiresome or uninteresting. As an alternative, trick yourself into doing interesting tasks such as walking the dog, tossing a soccer, riding your bike, or going on a nature stroll.

The one essential thing that these ideas supply you is that like so numerous additional fat burning suggestions is that they are right here to assist you. There is no one method to drop weight, there are a great deal of methods this can easily take place. Attempt a few of these suggestions out as you proceed towards a healthier, more fit self.

To learn more about losing weight or having liposuction in Thailand please contact us.

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We all know that medical tourists are flocking to Thailand in record numbers. Over 1,000,000 people around the World!  The practice of traveling to a foreign country for the purpose of a medical vacation or even medical care isn’t new, but thanks to Thailand’s diverse attractions, modern healthcare infrastructure, delicious food, and genuinely friendly people, more and more medical tourists and casual vacationers are choosing Bangkok and Phuket for a Liposuction in Thailand. In 2010 alone, the Tourism of Thailand authority estimated international patients at nearly 1.8 million!

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Combining Beauty with a Vacation – My Cosmetic Vacation To Thailand

By Yiannis

At first I was concerned about exactly what the standard of care would be as with Thai hospitals however after conducting some investigation via the internet and talking with people on online forums I found Liposuction Center in Thailand. I also learned that Thailand attracts visitors all over the world and possess outstanding reputations when it comes to health care. I also uncovered some reports about health risks and bad results from unqualified surgeons but these were limited to 2 or 3 repeat offenders in Thailand. Liposuction in Thailand cosmetic tours helped me avoid the questionable practitioners by giving me the honest truth about which doctor is good and which ones to avoid.

In May of 2011 I took my first cosmetic tour and journeyed to Thailand from Sydney to have breast implants and some minor cosmetic dentistry (laser teeth whitening). Not only am I extremely pleased with the results but I saved about $3,300 AUD and got a great vacation to boot!

My Cosmetic Tour to Thailand

My trip was pretty smooth thanks to the wonderful staff at TMV. They answered all my questions and Lala helped arrange all the appointments and pickups. I decided on Dr Somchai as my plastic surgeon. My factors were his years of experience and dozens of positive reviews and TMV helped confirm my findings about the best cosmetic surgeons in Thailand. While I found that very few Thai people speak english and most were pretty shy, but all the staff at TMV and the hospital were fluent and very helpful. I was also very impressed by how positive and pleasant the majority of Thai people are. It was nice to be looked after. I would never get that kind of personal treatment back home. I decided on the 200cc “Gummi Implants” what are newest and most natural looking but also the costliest option. (still about 40% cheaper than back home)

The hospital was like a hotel and one of the nicest hospital i have ever seen. The facilities looked less than 5 years old even though i was told the hospital had opened in 1981. I was given a beautiful vase of local flowers by the nurses and even a got a pedicure in my room!

I had a similar good experience with the dentist that Lala recommended. The location was in the heart of Bangkok overlooking Siam Square the main shopping area. I paid $200 for the cool laser teeth whitening and Ive gotten dozens of compliments on my shiny new smile. I had to cancel my first appointment because it was too soon after my breast surgery but they were happy to reschedule.

The hotel i choose was also amazing. I searched from an online list of over 500 hotels in Bangkok and found a gem for less than $30 a night! It included breakfast and a free tuk-tuk shuttle to the sky train station.

I’d definitely take another trip to Thailand again. The value for my money is unbeatable anywhere. I want to have some more dental work and maybe some botox on my next trip. The land of smiles made a believer out of me in less than 7 days.

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