REDIRECT HOME Amazing Pictures from The Devastating Floods In Thailand

In their unity against this tragic natural disaster, Thai’s have formed a more perfect bond amongst and for each other- True character and strength is not in the moments of great passion and bursting joy, but in the strength with which in weathered any storm, no matter how harsh or difficult the times may be.

Here is a brief photo documentary of the storms and floods of Thailand 2011.

If you are interested in helping please contact the Thai Red Cross.

Liposuction Testimonials | Tummy tuck and Breast Surgery in Phuket

Nicole Perre from Auckland,New Zealand, recently got breast reconstruction & breast augmentation Thailand  with tummy tuck and tumescent liposuction done in Phuket. She clearly feels that the plastic surgeons were wonderful and very skilled and the amazing 5 star service which she received from the TMV & hospital staffs. This is her story about having Breast Implants in Phuket, Thailand.

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Top 3 Secrets of a Successful Medical Vacation

Are your Medical expenses getting out of hand?

You are not alone! An approximate 5 million folks around the world will take what is known as medical vacation this year alone. Mainly because they either can’t afford the treatments at home or anywhere nearby, or the wait is too long or don’t have insurance or merely just want to save money on a needed treatment and take an exotic holiday and medical vacati


REDIRECTRED HOME Experience a Liposuction Holiday to Thailand

 If you are looking to experience a Liposuction Vacation to Thailand it is important for you to first understand a little bit about the country of Thailand. This is a beautiful country located in the heart of South East Asia. The current population is around 64 million people. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. Thailand’s reputation has been earned though centuries of gracious hospitality, delicious food and dedication to overall quality of life. Did we forget to mention world-class beaches and 2 hour Thai Massages? Some of the cities people like to visit while on their Liposuction in Thailand include: The Ancient City of Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, and Ko Samui.

Who is the Liposuction Center of Thailand?

The concept of a Liposuction Holidays refers to traveling across international borders in order to obtain health or wellness related services in Thailand. This is normally combined with a typical holidays/vacation experience. The variety of available services run the entire spectrum of human needs from the basic health screenings to the more complex treatments like heart transplants, and everything in between.

Specialized Lipo treatments range from Cosmetic Surgery, Drug and Alcohol Retreats, Heart transplants, Dental surgery, Complete Knee and Joint Replacements operations to name a few. One of the overwhelming reasons why the Liposuction in Thailand has become so popular is due to the astronomical cost increases in Medical and Elective Health Care services around the world. Even ‘First World” nations like the US are unable to provide basic medical care for millions of its citizens resulting in American citizens resorting to intentional crimes in hopes of getting arrested and receiving the mandatory free healthcare provided for the inmates. Many Canadians and Europeans also have to face wait times of 6-12 months to receive treatments. These are choices we shouldn’t have to make.

People having to face such decisions should really consider taking a Holiday to Thailand to receive the high quality medical services they need at affordable prices that don’t burden their families for decades to come. The overall value and benefits of a Medical Care in Bangkok are really highlighted well for many within the West and the Middle East, it has become increasingly clear why more and more people are seeing the advantages of taking a Liposuction Holiday to Thailand when they are in need of medical services that may not be readily available to them in their home country, or that may not be financially available to them, or for those looking for a minor nip and tuck during their holidays in Thailand.

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