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Vaser liposuction, also referred to as vaser LipoSelection or Vaser Bodysculpting, is a new alternative technology to the older and traditional tumescent liposuction. Vaser and Vaser HiDefinition are a type of ultrasonic liposuction technique where fatty deposits are carefully removed from under the skin to improve the overall aesthetics of your body and hip contours. Men and Women interested in having genuine Vaser in Thailand should be in decent physical condition already and are just looking for a simple and effective body contouring or sculpturing that vaser liposelection allows as opposed to the traditional use of liposuction as just a quick way to lose extra weight.

Recent Vaser Liposuction Video Testimonial

The original Vaser was introduced in 2004 as an FDA approved method of ultrasonic liposuction. This amazing technology is very effective and uses the power of focused sound waves to gently and carefully loosen fat deposits to be sucked out and help create smooth contouring,sculpting and shaping of the body.

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How does Vaser & Hi-Def Liposuction work?

Vaser requires use of a bio-safe saline solution mixed with minor anesthetics. Vaser Liposuction liquid is then injected only into the areas being treated. Genuine-VaserLipo-thailand-machineVaser and Vaser Hi-Def use an ultra-sonic high frequency vibration to break down the fat tissue Instead of the traditional tumescent liposuction use of a cannula to manually break down the fatty tissue or unlike Smart Lipo that is made for smaller areas and uses lasers or WAL or Water Assisted Lipo Thailand that uses water pressure to break down the fat.  Vaser liposuction uses a modern ultra-sound & high frequency vibration technique to break and destroy fat cells. The ultra-sonic high frequencies can cause a tickling sensation so it is sometimes referred to as a Tickling Lipo.

Liposuction Center of Thailand works with Genuine Vaser Certified Doctors in Thailand that are specially trained and accredited to use Genuine Vaser ultrasonic probes and machines. The Genuine American Made VASER probes are carefully inserted into the areas being treated so that the fatty tissues are able to gently break down the fat cells without causing too much trauma to the surrounding areas. The vaser liposuction probe vibrations gently disengages & loosens the fatty cells before they are ultimately emulsified with the infused tumescent fluid. Once the emulsification begins our vaser specialists will insert a micro-cannula suck out the fat and liquid. The doctors will sometimes leave a little anesthetic behind in the tissues that were treated to help reduce any post-procedural pain. Vaser is also popular choice for male cosmetic surgery including for Gynecomastia and for female breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery.

Is Vaser Liposuction Painful?

Modern Techniques like Cellulaze, Abdominal Etching,Bodysculpting,Zerona and BodyTite RFAL are much gentler and less traumatic method of liposuction and much less risky than other surgical weight loss options in Thailand. Modern liposuction Devices allow for much greater control over precision to help get you that smooth contoured look you desire. Vaser was specifically designed to not only loosen fat but also to preserve and preserve and protect other surrounding tissues. The Liposelection techniques we use accomplishes just that by using saline solution and ultrasonic sound waves that produce much less bleeding and bruising and lead to a quick recovery time that require as little as 5 nights in Bangkok or Phuket.

Areas Suitable for Vaser and Vaser HiDef Vaser-center-of-Thailand-Liposuction-Areas

Areas on your body that are well suited for vaser in Thailand include:

  • Liposuction for the Thighs
  • Lipo for the Knees
  • For the Abdomen ( Upper and Lower )
  • For the love handles
  • For Arms
  • For the Chest
  • For the Chin
  • For the Neck area


Vaser Lipo in Thailand Animated Video

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How long Does A Vaser Session Take?

The vaser and Vaser Hi-Def Liposelection procedures are generally performed at a modern state-of-the-art hospital or in a accredited clinics operating room and doesn’t require you being put to sleep. Using general anesthesia reduces the patient health risks and significantly lowers the cost of the vaser in thailand cosmetic surgery procedure. Our clients are given the options however to have IV sedation or even general anesthesia depending on your preference. The vaser in thailand and Liposelection  treated areas will be wrapped using compression garments should be worn continuously for 6-14 days. The doctors may also place temporary drains for 2-3 days to remove any excess fluids. The results should be apparent immediately following the Vaser treatment in Thailand but your new body shape wont fully settle for atleast 3-6 months after your procedure.

How Long Does Vaser Lipo In Thailand Require?

The Liposuction Center of Thailand recommends a 6-9 nights in Total for Vaser. Vaser Hi-Def may require additional time (up to 2 weeks) to allow for proper treatment and followups.

What about fat migration or future weight gain after Vaser?

Fat migration is a common mis-perception for many people. Any weight loss or gain after your Vaser procedure will generally be proportionately distributed and spread out over your entire body. Once you your fat removed with vaser, it is gone permanently. The only caveat is that you need to assume a healthy lifestyle consisting of a proper diet and regular exercise.


Starting a new lifestyle with a new body using Vaser should not be used as an excuse to follow poor dietary habits. Some fat layers may also remain in areas that were left untreated. If you don’t follow proper diets and exercise after your  treatment and gain some weight rapidly, the remaining untreated fatty tissues will then expand. Normal age related changes should also be expected. Please request our pre and post operative guidelines to achieve optimal results.

Cost of Having Vaser @ the Liposuction Center

Prices for Vaser Lipo and Vaser Hi-Def costs will depend on the sizes and locations of the areas you want treated. The cost of Genuine VASER in Bangkok will depend on the areas treated with significant discounts given for multiple areas. Liposuction Center of Thailand can provide you with Fixed prices and multi-area discounts once our Vaser specialists can review your submitted pictures and our medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate. Vaser Liposelection and BodyTite are intended for precision guided targeting for problem areas so larger sites like the thighs and/or hips are usually slightly more expensive due to the significant amount of additional work that is required to be performed by the surgeon.

Vaser Hi Def

The cost of Vaser Hi-Def “6 pack Sculpting” in Thailand depends on the total areas being treated. Typically the upper and lower abs are the main focus points however please note that total abdominal shaping may require several areas being treated simultaneously to achieve full effect. The benefits of Vaser Hi-Def  are the dramatic “Instant Definition” such as the Instant 6-Pack for Men and drastically reduced downtime needed. The reduced downtime is also achievable with the non-invasive Coolsculpting Lipo procedure but the results will not nearly be the same. Check out our Youtube and Facebook page for up to date Vaser liposuction reviews with recent price comparisons.

Vaser Thailand Before and After Pictures






Why Have VASER with Us?

After contacting us, one of the dedicated english speaking patient care coordinators will review all the estimated costs,benefits, risks,travel summary, and any other need information for your Lipo vacation to Thailand. Please prepare your medical history records so that our Vaser Certified doctors and surgeons can review them to quickly see if you can benefit from coming to Thailand for treatment. The inquiry and medical recommendations are 100% Complementary.

The actual Vaser trip will only require a 6 to 9 night stay in Thailand. To learn more about Vaser and Vaser HiDef in Thailand, please contact us today.

“Recapture your beauty & self-confidence.”

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