Zerona Liposuction Genuine Erchonia Laser in Thailand


With all the advanced medical technologies available in Thailand, it seems that the quest for the perfectly shaped and toned body is a road that leads to no end. Millions of men and women engage in useless weight loss regimens with little or no benefits. For those that want quicker results we offer affordable zerona liposuction in Thailand. Zerona and Coolsculpting offer the only truly non-surgical liposuction option for fat reduction there is today.

Non-Surgical Zerona in Thailand

Zerona is an American FDA-approved method of laser-assisted liposuction, a non-invasive body-sculpting procedure for cellulite that also that removes fat through the utilization of a patented cold laser. The cold laser technology used is the Erchonia Laser Scanner, the one primarily responsible for fat liquefaction. It is known to be the safest form of laser, having the lowest laser level that there is in the world. Fat is broken down as the Erchonia laser emulsifies adipose “fat” tissues, which is eventually released through interstitial spaces. The destroyed fat is then excreted through the body’s natural detoxification response.


Given the emphasis on “non-invasive,” it is one of those procedures that promise to be a painless and easy procedure, exceedingly effective with visible and immediate results. The BEST part is that unlike minimally invasive lipos such as Vaser or Bodytite, there is ZERO downtime with Zerona! The Liposuction Center of Thailand offers this remarkable treatment while relaxing in our plush treatment center in Bangkok. We also offer free Wifi during your relaxing treatment session.

Ideal Areas for Zerona

Unlike other body sculpting procedures that require minor surgery like SMART lipo,Vaser and Bodytite, Zerona lipo is catered to those not wanting surgery and only for localized or small patches of fat. Zerona is feasible for nearly areas on the body depending on your preferences or “trouble spots” From stomach lipo to the back, thighs, and arms, as well as the hip and buttock areas,  Zerona laser can treat them all. It can also be beneficial for face liposuction on chin and neck or even the knees. Come to Thailand for a liposuction vacation and say goodbye to those stubborn pockets of fat that you want gone without surgery.

To achieve best results we advise you wear loose comfortable clothing and Lay stationary in a very relaxed position during the actual treatment session. Zerona does not require incisions or anesthesia – the cold laser does everything that it promises to do!

The principle mechanism of Zerona seeks to zap out fat through a cold laser and eventually re-contour and tone any remaining loose skin after the extraction of fat. In as little as 24 hours your body can get tighter, re-shaped, and more attractive appearance, not to mention the noticeable reduction of inches around your waist.


Given its non-invasive nature, recovery is quick and easy. You will be required to be in Bangkok for only 1 to 2 nights. The treatment itself is painless and doesn’t leave behind any scars or bruises to worry about. There’s no need for post-treatment compression garments either. You may resume your normal life right after the procedure.

Before and After Zerona in Thailand



Zerona promises considerable results in as little as 1 night in Bangkok. So, if you’re still wary about liposuction but you’re very eager to sculpt your body to fit in that dress you haven’t worn in years, Zerona in Thailand could be the answer. Visit our treatment center now and witness your transformation!

To get actual and fixed prices for Zerona Laser in Thailand or to see if you make an ideal candidate for non-surgical liposuction please contact us today.

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